As a teacher, life can get pretty hectic pretty quickly. You do not get time to do things that please only you. With so much work piling up, it can get super difficult to make time just for yourself or close ones. However, there are a few ways to counter this. Keep reading to find out more information regarding how you, as a teacher, can make more time for yourself. 



How to make more time for yourself as a teacher 


Mark your work 

As a teacher, some days, work is piling and piling up, and you cannot get done with it for the life of you. This is why you should encourage marking all of your work according to a certain time. For example, if you are teaching five days a week, plan how you wish to complete your work before your weekend. Doing this can help you get more time off and make time for yourself. Plus, you will be able to get so much done more quickly. 

Do not procrastinate 

Procrastination is the number one reason behind slacking back. As a teacher, you are teaching students not to commit the crime of procrastination. So, naturally, it would be silly if you do it yourself. Make sure you are disciplined in a way that you do not give in to procrastination at all. Maybe once a year is fine, but any more than that can cause you serious trouble. 

Prioritize yourself 

If you are slacking behind in your work and have become too busy for yourself, think about it. Why is your brain not allowing you to prioritize yourself? Once you give this some thought, you might self-reflect and find the reason behind why you are not letting yourself rest. Sometimes, a little self-love is all you need to cut some slack off of yourself. 

Ending thoughts 

Doing all of these things can help you make a lot more time available to yourself. Make sure you follow them.