Drawing is an art that requires both talent and methodology in practice. So there are little tricks that can help you improve your drawings. So what are the tricks you can use to improve your drawing skills? Here are some tips to help you improve your drawing.

Putting your brain into drawing mode through regularity

In order to progress in drawing, it is important to respect the principle of brain plasticity. This essentially means getting your brain to remodel its various connections by taking into account its environment. To do this, this trick requires regularity in its productions. Thus, it is necessary to draw a lot and on a daily basis.

Indeed, the fact of drawing every day makes the brain improve over the days for better productions. Because repetition leads it to register the techniques and methods of drawing. And it also helps to correct any imperfections that are noticed.

Vary the media

Experience is the key to better and faster drawing. Therefore, it is important to experiment with different drawing media, varying them for each drawing. Thus, using either the pencil, the style, the brush, the pen… it is possible to draw on paper with or without grain. Moreover, it is necessary to vary the papers while starting from the general to the particular in its drawings.

It is necessary to start your drawing by creating a sketch. And once you have concentrated on it and realised it, it is then possible to consider starting the basic volume of the drawing. This is a way of not burning out the sketch, volume, shadow and light stages.

Becoming aware of the evolution of your drawings

In order to evolve in one’s artistic works, it is recommended to always draw conscientiously. If your mind is elsewhere or distracted, you will not learn anything from your drawings. So, you should have fun while drawing with the accompaniment of music, for example.

So, drawing is a personal learning process through the different drawings you make every day. Hence the need to pay attention to all the details of the drawing process. Because a drawer discovers from each drawing.